Market Stalls

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Health & Beauty

Stall no: 19/20; Cradley Heath Foot Clinic
Type of Business: Foot Health Practitioner

Fran J. Fletcher.  Foot Health Practitioner.

Stall no: 11; Sran Brows & Beauty
Type of Business: Beauty

All Kinds of Beauty Treatments

Clothing & Footwear

Stall no: 14; Steve Morton

We sell Tights, Ladies & Mens Underwear and much more.


Stall no: 8/9; Gug's Sweets & Treets
Type of Business: Sweets & Cakes

We have a wide range of sweets & cakes along with other food items all at very good prices.

Food & Drink

Stall no: 1; Flo's at fifty four

Homemade Cakes etc.

Type of Business: Butcher

All local home killed meat from local farms.
Home made sausages, dry salted home cured bacon, home made pies, home made faggots, chitterlings and leaf scratchings, black pudding, polony, and fresh pigs fry.

Type of Business: Cooked Meat & Pies

Cooked Meat and Pies and much much more.

Greetings cards

Stall no: 16a; Cradley Cards and More
Type of Business: Greetings Cards & Accessories

We stock a wide range of Greeting Cards & Accessories.

Homewear & Household

Stall no: 18; A. J. P. Gifts
Type of Business: Personalized Gifts & Tee shirts

Personalized Gifts & Tee Shirts

Stall no: 3; Wood & Things
Type of Business: Wooden Garden Furniture

Wooden Garden furniture & Ornaments

Stall no: 2; J. & A. Leisure
Type of Business: Garden Leisure Furniture

We have a good range of garden leisure chairs & cushions.

Type of Business: Smoking accessories

Smoking accessories

Jewellery & Accessories

Stall no: 13; Created by Marie
Type of Business: Handmade and Personalised Jewellery
  • Handmade crafts
  • Now selling handmade Christmas Decorations
  • Yankee Candles - now in Stock!!

Pet supplies

Stall no: 12; Snudge's Pet Stall
Type of Business: Pet food & Accessories

Tins of dog food - Butchers.
Tins of cat food - Whiskas, Kitekat, Arthurs, Felix.
Bird Seeds - Wild bird, peanuts, cage bird seed, pigeon.